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¡¤ Let the body ready for pregnancy

TCM treat the cause of infertility , focus on restoring couple¡¯s energy balance, aiming for natural conception.  So the advice is first and foremost to become more healthy!

¡¤ Support assisted conception therapy (IVF, IUI, ICSI)

Treatment plan. 

1.   Commencing TCM 2 months prior to IVF to improve quality of eggs and sperms, produce best possible response to IVF drugs, and enhance chances of conception.


2.   Our patients typically have to come for the acupuncture treatment 5 sessions to fit the undergoing IVF schedule. One in the Follicular phase(2-3 days after menstrual cycle begins), one in the Ovulation phase(between egg collection and transfer), one on the day two hours of IVF/ET, one just after transfer, and one session within 7 days after ET.


¡¤ Problems of Pregnancy

Morning sickness

Habitual miscarriage

Oedema in Pregnancy

Correct breech presentation

¡¤ TCM Program for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Balance Diet

Adequate Rest

Gentle exercise

Spiritual Relaxation

A holistic approach to your wellbeing

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